Path: CHANGELOG.rdoc
Last Update: Sat Nov 07 23:38:15 +0100 2009


Release 0.6.0

*WARNING:* If you are upgrading from a previous minor release, check out the Compatibility issue list below.

  • FIXED: Added missing to_s method to Net::DNS::Question.
  • FIXED: Compatibility with Ruby 1.9
  • FIXED: Types regexp order issue
  • CHANGED: Refactoring unit test to follow most used Ruby conventions
  • CHANGED: default timeout is now 5 seconds for both UDP and TCP
  • CHANGED: Moved main dns.rb file to lib/net folder as default for GEMs. In this way it can be autoloaded when the gem is required.

Compatibility issues

  • CHANGED: RR#set_stype scope is now private to prevent invalid usage.
  • CHANGED: DnsTimeout#timeout now raises LocalJumpError instead of DnsTimeoutArgumentError when block is missing.
  • CHANGED: Renamed Net::DNS::RR::Types::Types to Net::DNS::RR::Types::TYPES to follow Ruby coding standards.

Release 0.4

  • many bug fixes (thanks guys!)
  • a whole new class Net::DNS::Header::RCode
  • new methods in Net::DNS::Resolver class to do AXFR queries
  • a new SRV resource record written by Dan Janowski
  • more documentation written and corrected